Hi! My name is Tara Calishain.

I started writing about search engines in 1996 with Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research. Over the next ten years I wrote or co-wrote several other books, including Google Hacks, Web Search Garage, and Information Trapping.

In 1998 I started ResearchBuzz, an online Web site to keep track of all the things happening in the world of databases, search engines, archives, and information collections. (I know it’s a lost cause, but I’m trying anyway.)

In 2015 I started ResearchBuzz Firehose, which has single-resource posts instead of aggregated collections. This is so you can do very specific information monitoring; this article shows you how.

In spring 2022 I decided to find out if I could really learn JavaScript after being diagnosed as autistic.  (I’m a high school dropout and didn’t think I could learn something like programming.)


I’m still early in my journey but I am bursting with tool ideas. As I learn to bring them to life, I am going to put the tools here to share them with you.

I want everybody to love exploring and searching and finding online as much as I do. Can I make the perfect tool to spark that joy in you? I’ll certainly give it my best shot!

Thanks for visiting.

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