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Use PD Prompt Machine to Make AI Prompts Using Public Domain Artists

I love playing with AI-powered image generators, but I don’t like the idea of using the artwork of artists who are trying to make a living. So I made PD Prompt Machine! PD Prompt Machine takes a random book title from the Internet Archive’s Open Library, and pairs it with…

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Create Lifespan Web Searches with the Contemporary Biography Builder

As the volume of scholarship posted on the Internet increases by the day, it gets more difficult to find information about a subject that’s contemporary to them. Yes, research on Louisa May Alcott is extensive and important. But what were newspapers saying about her in 1854? The Contemporary Biography Builder…

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Generate and Search For Name Variants With Carl’s Name Net

Carl is a longtime Patreon, and I really appreciate him! Recently we’ve been trading emails about doing name-based searches. I was thinking about how he could get some name variation searching done when I wondered if this was a job for JavaScript. And it apparently is! Carl’s Name Net takes…

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