Explore Wikipedia Pages By Popularity With Category Cheat Sheet

If you need to research a topic, Wikipedia is a great place to start. But depending what you’re trying to discover, you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed. What happens when you want to learn about Japanese painters and find yourself confronted with a Wikipedia category that lists 189 of them? Where do you start?

That’s what Category Cheat Sheet is for. It takes a Wikipedia category, reviews the first 500 pages in it (this should be more than enough for most categories) and gets their page view count for the past month. Then the top 20 most-viewed pages in the category are listed with brief summaries and a link back to the full Wikipedia page should you care to explore further.

Categories are listed at the bottom of Wikipedia pages, like this:

A screenshot showing the category ribbon at the bottom of a Wikipedia page.

When you click on a category name, you get taken to a page with the category name up top, like this:

Copy and paste that entire name into the category box. CCS will alert you if you don’t specify a category.

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