Explore the Social Media Space of Congresspeople Past and Present With Congressional Social Media Explorer

The ProPublica Congress API includes information about the social media of Congress members. This tool takes advantage of that to generate focused Google queries for a members’ social media space. Specifically it will generate Google queries that will search across:

– The member’s Facebook posts
– The member’s Facebook photos
– The member’s Facebook videos
– The member’s Twitter posts

In addition, a link is created that shows the member’s most recent YouTube videos. (They are not searched by keyword.)

Please note: Not all members participate(d) on all social media platforms. This is especially true for earlier sessions of Congress. In addition, while testing this I saw at least one instance of a one-term congressman’s Twitter handle being taken over by someone else. When it doubt, check the handles against the Wayback Machine (Adding a link to make that easy is on my to-do list.)

Want to know more about how this tool works? Check out the ResearchBuzz article!

Choose the state for which you want a member list, whether you want the Senate or the House of Representatives, and for which congress you want a list (Congresses 112 through 117 are available.)

You’ll need an API Key to use this tool. You can get them free from https://www.propublica.org/datastore/api/propublica-congress-api .

IMPORTANT: After you click this it may take a few seconds for the results to appear. The program is both pulling members from the state you requested and building URLs..


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