Crony Corral: Match People/Companies/Organizations and Topics in Wikipedia

Crony Corral searches Wikipedia to find people/companies/organizations with matching Wikidata properties and further searches for Wikipedia topics they have in common.

Properties searched include:

  1. P159: headquarters location – Location of the main office of an organization, company, or institution.
  2. P108: employer – Used to link a person to the organization or company they work or have worked for.
  3. P69: educated at – The educational institution(s) a person has attended.
  4. P551: residence – The place where a person lives or has lived.
  5. P102: member of political party – The political party a person is or has been a member of.
  6. P106: occupation – Refers to the main job or profession of a person.
  7. P39: position held – Used to link a person to the political, organizational, or professional positions they have held.
  8. P937: work location – Indicates the place where a person primarily conducts their work.
  9. P452: industry – Refers to the main industrial sector or sectors that a company, organization, or product is involved in.
  10. P17: country – Indicates the country that a geographical entity or organization is part of or associated with.
  11. P1056: product or material produced – Refers to the main product(s) or material(s) produced by a company or organization.
  12. P749: parent organization – Indicates the higher-level organization that a subsidiary or lower-level organization is part of.
  13. P414: stock exchange – Refers to the stock exchange where a company’s shares are traded.
  14. P112: founded by – Indicates the person or organization that founded a company, organization, or institution.
  15. P127: owned by – Refers to the person, organization, or entity that owns a particular asset or resource. (I think institutional / stock ownership is in here too.)
  16. P355: subsidiary – Used to link a parent company or organization to its subsidiaries or lower-level organizations.
  17. P27: country of citizenship – Indicates the country where a person holds citizenship.



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