Find Lifespan Overlap With Chronos Crossfinder

Chronos Crossfinder

Chronos Crossfinder takes a list of names of famous people and celebrities (ideally from the late 18th century forward) and checks with Wikidata to see if there are any places where the lifespans overlap. If there is, search URLs using that pair of names and the overlap timespan are generated for Google Books, Google Magazines, and Google Newspapers.

The dates are slightly wrong because of how the URLs are generated, but it’s close enough for jazz and cheap JavaScript.

Name Pairs to Try:

Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch
Tony Leung, Leslie Cheung
Fred Rogers, Benjamin Spock
Janis Joplin, Judy Garland
Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd
Nichelle Nichols, Mae Jemison

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