Discover Untold Tales: Gossip Machine Reveals News Days for People, Places & More

Discover the untold stories of people, places, and things with Gossip Machine, a powerful tool that uses Wikipedia page views to surface potential “news days” in a given year for any topic with a Wikipedia page. By analyzing daily page views and flagging dates with significantly higher-than-average views, Gossip Machine provides you with pre-filled Google News and Google Web search links, taking you straight to valuable and insightful information about your chosen topic.

To get started with Gossip Machine, follow these simple steps:

Enter the topic you’re interested in, such as the name of a governor, your favorite musician, a particular brand, or a location.

Choose the year you want to search.

Select the level of newsworthiness for the date. For example, select “VERY Newsworthy” for days with at least 190% of an average day’s page views or “Gossip Fiend” for 150% and above.

Click “Fire Up the Gossip Machine” and let it work its magic.

Gossip Machine will then process the information and present you with a list of dates matching your settings, accompanied by Google News and Google Web search links for those dates. Simply click on the links to uncover fascinating stories and lesser-known facts about your topic.

Keep in mind that Gossip Machine works best with pages that have an average of at least 7,000 page views a day. Results for pages with lower page views might be less reliable.

Gossip Machine is not limited to people; you can also explore topics such as medical conditions, locations, or events. Plus, Gossip Machine helps you find the relevant topic page, so don’t worry about getting the name exactly right.

Give Gossip Machine a try and unlock a wealth of hidden stories about your favorite topics!

Want to learn more about how Gossip Machine works? Check out this ResearchBuzz article!

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