Location-Related Search Gizmos

Pam’s Pin – Translate a street address into a location-specific Twitter search. (You will have to be logged into Twitter to use this tool.)

Pam’s University Pin – Find out what’s being posted on Twitter in the radius of specific colleges and universities in the United States. (You must be logged in to Twitter to use this tool.)

Backyard Scholarship – Enter a keyword search and a place in America, and Backyard converts the location to a zip code, finds all higher education institutions within a 30-mile radius, and bundles them into a Google search.

Local Community Finder – Uses zip codes and Google search tricks to find local events and community near you.

AQTweet Tracker – Search Twitter for local tweets about air quality.

Museek’s Quake Peek – Select an earthquake feed from USGS, and MQP will analyze the locations and find the nearest location delineated by a Wikipedia article (assuming there is one — often there is.) If it does find a location, MQP creates a location-based set of links to explore that area, including Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr, GeoHack, and Foursquare.