Wikipedia-Powered NSNS: Uncover Credible News Sources with Ease

Finding reliable news through Google searches has become increasingly challenging, with results often cluttered by content scrapers and low-quality sites. To help you navigate the web and find genuinely useful news sources, we’re introducing the Non-Sketchy News Search (NSNS). This tool leverages Wikipedia to locate and populate Google searches with credible news and media sites, leaving out the fakers and fraudsters.

Here’s how it works:

Input your desired Google search query.

Search for a representative example of the type of media outlet you’re interested in. For local newspapers, search for a local newspaper name; for LGBTQ media outlets, search for a known LGBTQ media outlet, etc. (Paper-based media searches yield the best results, but digital outlets in large cities, like The Verge, also work well.)

You’ll receive a dropdown menu displaying all Wikipedia categories containing your chosen media outlet. Select the most relevant category and click the button.

A set of checkboxes will appear, representing all the media outlets within the chosen category that have a website. Select the outlets you want to include in your web search and click the button. NSNS will construct a Google search using your query and the selected outlets, opening the results in a new tab. Keep in mind that Google has a 32-word query limit, so refrain from checking too many boxes to prevent breaking the search. Give it a try and experience the difference.

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