Narrow Down Your Obituary Searches With Obit Magnet

Trying to find an obituary? Obit Magnet takes a name and death date and generates date-bounded obituary search URLs for Google Books (newspapers only),,, and Chronicling America.

Enter the name of the person you’re searching and the day, month, and year of their death. Obit Magnet will generate news searches for a span of 7 days and 15 days after death. The resources that can be specifically set to search for obituaries will be, while the others will have “obituary” added as a query word.

Names: If the person you’re searching has a middle name, use it in the search. Obit Magnet will automatically create searches with and without a middle name. If you’re searching for a married woman and you have her middle name, enter her full name like this: firstname middlename maidenname lastname. Obit Magnet will automatically generate a full complement of name variations for your search.

Sources: Neither Google Books nor Chronicling America require registration to access their results (though some Google Books results may be behind a paywall.) is a pay site but is generous about letting you view search result pages without being logged in. is a pay site and if you’re not logged in can sometimes generate weird search result pages. Try the other resources before One more thing: Chronicling America has nothing after about 1963, so don’t bother checking it for more recent obituaries.

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