Explore University Twitter-Space With Pam’s University Pin

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Twitter changes, this Gizmo WILL NOT WORK unless you’re logged in to Twitter.

Did you ever want to explore the Twitter space of colleges and universities? Pam’s University Pin makes it easy.

Enter a zip code and a search radius of up to 100 miles, and choose whether you want to limit your results by ownership type, minority/gender emphasis, and/or religious affiliation. Pam’s University Pin returns a list of applicable universities within that radius along with links to search TwitterSpace in an area round the university as well as links for searching that university’s domain name in Twitter posts and in Twitter bios. Results appear under the “Search Edu Space” button.

Pam’s University Pin requires a free Data.gov API key, which you can get at https://api.data.gov/signup/. Search results are limited to 200 at a time so if you’re getting a “Too many results” error, try narrowing your search radius.

Want to learn more about how PUP works? Check out this ResearchBuzz article!


HBCU and “Predominantly-Black Institutions” are NOT the same thing and in my testing showed two entirely-different sets of results.

You’ll need a Data.gov API Key to use this tool. You can get them free from https://api.data.gov/signup/ .

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