Stephen’s Cloud Seeder

Stephen’s Cloud Seeder makes word clouds from RSS feeds.

Enter up to 15 RSS feeds in the text box, 1 per line. SCS will fetch the feed content and generate a word cloud from it,
along with random Web search links made from the word cloud content.

To fetch the feeds, Stephen’s Cloud Seeder uses a CORS proxy. That means the proxy can see/capture feed data if it wants to. ( claims it keeps no logs but I have not verified that.) Therefore please use only public feeds; do not use feeds which contain API keys, passwords, or other personal information.

Here’s some to get you started:

Hint: Try using keyword-based RSS feeds. Woo hoo! You can generate a bunch of ’em in a hurry using my tools Kebberfegg or CountryFeed.

Enter your feeds here, one per line:

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