Sheet-Shaped Wikipedia: Turn Wikidata Into Spreadsheet-Ready Text Files

Effortlessly extract Wikidata from Wikipedia categories and save it as one or multiple caret-delimited text files. Follow these simple steps:

Paste the Wikipedia category names (or the entire page URL for convenience) into the text box, one per line.

Select a Wikidata property. Available options include official website and numerous social media sites.

If you prefer a single output file, check the “Merge data into a single file?” option. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

Click the button. Sheet-Shaped Wikipedia will scan all listed categories for pages containing your chosen Wikidata property. It will then compile the matching pages into one or multiple caret-delimited text files, based on your preference.

A spinning indicator will appear to keep you entertained while your file(s) are being assembled. Once ready, your file(s) will be displayed as download links. Simply click on them to download the files to your computer.

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