Explore Bing, Bing News, and WordPress Searches as Word Clouds: CloudSERP Explorer

CloudSERP Explorer Shows You Search Results in Word Clouds. Specify a keyword search and this Gizmo will do a search of Bing, Bing News, and WordPess. The titles of the top ten results will be rendered into word clouds, one per resource. All the words in the clouds are links;…

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Find Affiliations Between a List of People and a List of Organizations: PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter

  PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter (PAF) Enter a list of people separated by commas and a list of companies / organizations separated by commas. PAF will use Wikidata data to find affiliations between the first list and the second and present you with a list. I have checked 125 people against…

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Crony Corral: Match People/Companies/Organizations and Topics in Wikipedia

Crony Corral searches Wikipedia to find people/companies/organizations with matching Wikidata properties and further searches for Wikipedia topics they have in common. Properties searched include: P159: headquarters location – Location of the main office of an organization, company, or institution. P108: employer – Used to link a person to the organization…

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