Explore the Social Media Space of Congresspeople Past and Present With Congressional Social Media Explorer

The ProPublica Congress API includes information about the social media of Congress members. This tool takes advantage of that to generate focused Google queries for a members’ social media space. Specifically it will generate Google queries that will search across: – The member’s Facebook posts – The member’s Facebook photos…

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Explore University Twitter-Space With Pam’s University Pin

Did you ever want to explore the Twitter space of colleges and universities? Pam’s University Pin makes it easy. Enter a zip code and a search radius of up to 100 miles, and choose whether you want to limit your results by ownership type, minority/gender emphasis, and/or religious affiliation. Pam’s…

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Generate and Search For Name Variants With Carl’s Name Net

Carl is a longtime Patreon, and I really appreciate him! Recently we’ve been trading emails about doing name-based searches. I was thinking about how he could get some name variation searching done when I wondered if this was a job for JavaScript. And it apparently is! Carl’s Name Net takes…

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