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Focus Your News Searches With A Few Time-Lenses Using Time-Sliced News Search

This tool takes a year and query you input and generates date-restricted searches for several news search engines, including Google News, Google Books (Books, Newspapers, and Magazines are searched separately), Newspapers.com, and Chronicling America. The URLs will appear underneath the “Click Here To Generate Search URLs” button after you click…

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Explore Hot Takes Past and Present With the Blogspace Time Machine

Welcome to the Blogspace Time Machine. Yes, the Internet is all about that social media, but people never stopped blogging. Unfortunately search engines don’t do a lot of blog-specific search anymore. It’s still a space worth exploring, though. The Blogspace Time Machine does a search for the query of your…

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Remove Current Results from Google News Search With Back That Ask Up

Enter a Google News query and the number of days/months/years’ worth of the most recent news items you want to eliminate. This tool will construct a date-restricted search query in Google News and open it in a new window. New political shenanigans disrupting your search? Back that ask up! A…

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