Unleash Wikipedia’s Potential: Link Directory and Beyond with Wikidata Quick Dip

Have you ever realized the immense amount of information Wikidata contains? With over 11,000 properties spanning from official social media sites to personal metadata and locations, and more than 6.6 million articles in the English version of Wikipedia, the potential for data exploration is vast. Introducing Wikidata Quick Dip –…

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Uncover the Context of Wikipedia Pages: Explore with Wiki Page Backstory

Curious about the backstory and context of Wikipedia articles? Meet Wiki Page Backstory, a handy tool designed to help you delve into how Wikipedia pages end up in categories. Wiki Page Backstory works by analyzing pages newly-added to a category and setting up time-bounded searches across Google Web, Google News,…

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Wikipedia-Powered NSNS: Uncover Credible News Sources with Ease

Finding reliable news through Google searches has become increasingly challenging, with results often cluttered by content scrapers and low-quality sites. To help you navigate the web and find genuinely useful news sources, we’re introducing the Non-Sketchy News Search (NSNS). This tool leverages Wikipedia to locate and populate Google searches with…

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