Software VerSearch

Software VerSearch builds Google and Google News searches around software version lifespans.

VerSearch uses the API to get the end-of-life data for over 200 software products (operating systems, browsers, etc) across several different versions and uses that information to create Google and Google News searches across the length of that version’s lifespan. Here’s how it works:

1. Use the first menu to choose a software product for search.

You can get a full list at, or just use the autocomplete function of the drop-down menu.

2. You’ll get a dropdown menu of versions for that software product along with the release date.

Choose a version and click the “Fetch Cycle Details” button.

3. You’ll get information about that version’s launch date and end-of-life date

(if no EOL date is available it defaults to today’s date.) You also get links to time-bounded Google News and Google searches for the software product, with the time boundaries being the lifespan of that product’s version. The search query is just the name of the product; expand it as you explore the search results.

If you want an example, use ios or mediawiki (the autocomplete is lowercase which is why I’m making the examples lowercase.)

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