Build Google Searches Around Related Topics With Wiki-Guided Google Search

Wiki-Guided Google Search Takes Your Wikipedia Topic Search And Builds A Set of Google queries around related topics.

Say you want to learn more about Georgia O’Keeffe but you don’t know enough to make a detailed query for a search engine. But Wikipedia knows a LOT about Georgia O’Keeffe, so why not use it to craft a more specific search? WGGS searches Wikipedia pages for mentions of your topic, filters them by the number of times your topic is mentioned, and then presents you with a list of related topics and Google / Google News searches for each.

Enter your topic search, which should be a Wikipedia page name (in this case, Georgia O’Keeffe.)
Then choose how many times your topic should be mentioned on a Wikipedia page before it’s displayed in the results (from 1-10). Your results are limited to 500 in any case. I recommend starting with 2-3 mentions when you’re not sure how famous the topic is, and 5 or higher when you know it’s a famous topic. (Beer, for example, is always going to give you a long list even if you restrict your results to pages which mention beer at least ten times.)

Your search results will include a list of pages where your topic is mentioned with links to Google and Google News searches for each. The Google searches will include both your original topic and the related topic, giving you a list of focused searches around your original topic without any additional expertise or foreknowledge required by you.

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