Wikipedia Search Gizmos

Wikipedia Exploration Tools

Wiki Category Chronology – Explore the contents of a Wikipedia category by the date each page was created and do Google searches for that topic based on the creation dates.

WikiPopPulse – Get the 100 most popular Wikipedia pages for a given date (after January 1, 2016) and sort them by type (human, film, video game, etc). Listings have contextual date-based searches for Google News and Twitter.

Wiki Bunch – Group the living people in a Wikipedia category by age, gender, or educational institution.

Wiki Page Backstory – Find pages newly-added to a Wikipedia category and explore the page’s topic in time-bounded searches of Google, Google News, Reddit, and Twitter.

Category Cheat Sheet – Explore the pages in a Wikipedia category by popularity (as expressed by recent page views.)

Wikipedia-Guided Web Search

MegaGladys – Find authorative information and links about a topic via a Wikidata search and display them in an easy-to-use list.

Wikipedia Official Link Property Explorer (WOLPE) – Turns Wikipedia into a link directory like the old Yahoo or DMoz. Keyword search Wikipedia for articles which contain links to official Web sites. You’ll also get a link to the original article and an excerpt.

Wiki-Guided Google Search – Search Wikipedia pages for mentions of a topic, filter them by the number of times the topic is mentioned, and explore a list of related topics and Google / Google News searches for each.

Clumpy Bounce Topic Search – Find the most popular pages in a Wikipedia category and use the topics in those pages to build Google queries.

Wikipedia-Guided People/Organization Search

Crony Corral – Searches Wikipedia to find people/companies/organizations with matching Wikidata properties and further searches for Wikipedia topics they have in common.

PeopleLinx Affiliation Filter – Enter a list of names and a list of companies and use Wikidata to find affiliations between the two groups. Once affiliations are found, searches are available for Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

PeopleLinx Affiliations Lookup – Enter a list of names (I have entered 125 at a time) and use Wikidata to find any connections between the education, employers, and organization memberships of the people in the group. Once affiliations are found, searches are available for Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

RoloWiki – Explore Wikipedia pages with the internal links replaced by popup links to Wikidata properties like name, date of birth, occupation, official Web site, and LinkedIn ID.

Contemporary Biography Builder – Create lifespan-bounded searches of news and Web resources for historical figures using Wikidata.

Chronos Crossfinder – Find the overlap in lifespan between two historical figures and create Google Books/Magazines/Newspaper searches for that name pair over the overlap time period. Works best for people born in the 19th century and later.


Wikidata Quick Dip – Explore the Wikidata properties common to the pages in a Wikipedia category. Wikidata information includes external links to authorative sites.

Wikidata Property Peeker – Quickly find out which Wikidata properties are most popular in a given Wikipedia category.

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