Add Some Ooky-Spooky With Wikiween, The Wikipedia Cemetery Generator

It’s October, the month when all the world is ooky spooky. Why should Wikipedia miss out on the fun?

Wikiween takes the Wikipedia category you specify and checks to see if the people within it are alive or dead. If they are dead they get a little headstone in the Wikiween cemetery. Hold your mouse over the headstone to get information on the person, or for more details about them click the link under their headstone.

Category Ideas: Category:20th-century_criminals , Category:Executed_American_serial_killers , or Category:American_money_launderers .

If you want more category ideas, try exploring Wikipedia’s top-level “People” category.

Or, look at the categories of noted terrible people Joseph Vacher, Heinrich Himmler, or Jimmy Savile. Categories people are in are at the bottom of their Wikipedia page.

The graphics used to make the cemetery are via the kindness of Flaticon!

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