Wikipedia Official Link Property Explorer (WOLPE)

Remember the old days of link directories? When you did not have to plunge into the soup of Google or some other full-text search engine to get useful results?

Me too, so I made the Wikipedia Official Link Property Explorer, or WOLPE for short. (I wanted to call it WikiHoo but I can’t afford a good lawyer.)

Enter your search (do not use punctuation of any sort including quotes or your search will fail) and choose whether you want to search Wikipedia pages by their titles only or by a summary.

WOLPE will find those Wikipedia pages which match your search and which contain links to official Web sites.You’ll also get a link to the original article and an excerpt.

Remember that a summary is more text than a title but it’s not a lot, so keep your searches general. Also, please do not fire off a bunch of searches in a row just to see what happens; WOLPE has to make a lot of Wikipedia API calls. I’ve got some request-braking in the program but don’t stress it; if you do you might make it fail.

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