Unleash Wikipedia’s Potential: Link Directory and Beyond with Wikidata Quick Dip

Have you ever realized the immense amount of information Wikidata contains? With over 11,000 properties spanning from official social media sites to personal metadata and locations, and more than 6.6 million articles in the English version of Wikipedia, the potential for data exploration is vast.

Introducing Wikidata Quick Dip – your gateway to this wealth of knowledge. Simply paste in a Wikipedia category name, and Quick Dip will process the information (taking a few seconds, or potentially longer for larger categories) and generate a dropdown list of Wikidata properties shared by at least 10% of the pages within that category:

Select a property, and Quick Dip will compile a list of pages containing the chosen property, providing you with valuable insights:

If you’ve been missing searchable subject indexes like Yahoo, Wikidata Quick Dip has you covered. While it might not appear in all categories, you’ll often find the Wikidata property P856, “official website.” This will present a list of Wikipedia articles and summaries, a timestamp of the last page modification, and a link to the page’s topic official website.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With Wikidata Quick Dip, you can access lists of subreddits, Quora topic pages, and numerous external references and social sites. Spend some time exploring, and you’ll quickly realize the vast possibilities. To begin, simply paste in a Wikipedia category name.

Please note it may take several seconds to get the dropdown menu if you’ve chosen a big category.

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